MN National Guard sending nearly 11,000 troops to combat Minneapolis unrest

It's the largest local National Guard response in Minnesota history.
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MN National Guard

The full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard is on display in the Twin Cities as the number of troops continues to increase. 

What started as 700 soldiers and airmen on Friday increased to 1,500 early Saturday, then up to 2,500 as the first day of the weekend progressed. Now, the National Guard says there are more than 4,100 troops on the ground in the Twin Cities with more than 6,000 more yet to arrive.  

"We now have more than 4,100 — quickly moving toward 10,800 — Minnesota Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen supporting our friends and neighbors in the Twin Cities. This is a significant increase over the 700 on-duty Friday. We live here. We work here. We serve here. We’re all in," the Minnesota National Guard tweeted. 

The massive increase in soldiers deployed to combat riots in the metro area comes after multiple nights of violence left hundreds of businesses damaged, many of them completely destroyed by devastating fires. 

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