Whiteout conditions close I-90, I-35 in southern Minnesota

A 90-mile stretch of I-90 remains closed because of the ongoing blizzard.
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Both Interstates 35 and 90 are closed in southern Minnesota because of the ongoing blizzard.

A 90-mile stretch of I-90 closed last night, and it's now been joined by I-35, which is closed between the Iowa border and Faribault.

Overnight snow combined with strong winds has created whiteout conditions across southern parts of the state.


Multiple roads and highways are closed across southern Minnesota due to whiteout conditions.

Heavy snow and strong winds are causing blizzard conditions in southeastern and south-central Minnesota.

The worst-hit area is along the I-90 corridor, with I-90 closed for a 90-mile stretch between Jackson in the southwest and Hayward in the southeast.

Other road closures include MN-15 and Hwy. 169 between the Iowa border and Amboy.

Meanwhile, dozens of crashes and spinouts are being reported across the southern part of the state, many of which are happening on I-35 between Albert Lea and Owatonna.

The roads that are highlighted in dark purple on the map below are under a "No Travel Advisory" from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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The latest weather forecast suggests that southeastern Minnesota could get between 10-14 inches of snow between now and Sunday.

This, coupled with winds gusting at between 45-50 mph, will lead to extremely dangerous road conditions over the next 24 hours.

Snowplows have been deployed, but even if roads are cleared, blowing snow will ensure visibility continues to deteriorate.

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