On the run mom arrested in Moorhead, four kids recovered

Her fifth child, a 17-year-old boy, is still missing.
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Moorhead police say they have arrested the mother wanted after disappearing with her five children in Minnesota.

The Moorhead Police Department says it executed a search warrant at 1213 Main Avenue in Moorhead at 10:50 a.m., and found Izetta Cooley and four of her children.

They were all taken into custody without incident,

Cooley, 39, is being held in Clay County Jail, while the four children are in the custody of Clay County Social Services.

Her 17-year-old son, Morgan, is still missing.

Original story

The mother on the run with her five children is the wife of a man suspected in the killing of a 20-year-old outside a McDonald's in Fargo last week.

More details are coming out about the disappearance of Izetta Cooley, 39, who has gone missing with her children, Mateo, 10; Mollycia, 11; Mojo, 13; Morgan, 16; & Marco Cooley, 17.

She has been ordered by a court not to have any contact with her children, two of whom she took from a foster home in Rose Creek, Mower County on Saturday evening.

Izetta Cooley herself is from Moorhead, and ABC 6 reported on Monday that she is the wife of Miguel Cooley, 44, who has been arrested in the shooting death of Gabriel Perez outside a McDonald's in Fargo on Sept. 23.

Police told the TV station that after the shooting happened, Miguel Cooley brought three of their kids to hide out in Mower County, where he was eventually arrested.

When the arrest happened, two of the kids were placed with a foster family in Rose Creek, while the other was returned to protective services in Clay County, Minnesota.

According to a criminal complaint against Izetta Cooley, she was accompanied by another of her children when she arrived at the foster home in Rose Creek Saturday night.

The foster father answered the door and Cooley walked straight in, calling out for her children and saying she was taking them from him.

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The foster family said Cooley "had her hands in her pockets" and as a result they "did not want to physically touch her fearing that the situation may escalate."

The child who arrived with Cooley then went upstairs and grabbed their siblings' belongings, before the three children left with Cooley in a black SUV, believed to be a 2007 Suzuku XL-7 with a Minnesota license plate 103WJC.

She was later joined by two of her other children, and they are still on the run as of Tuesday morning.

Izetta Cooley has been charged with two counts of deprivation of custody and two counts of kidnapping.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts should call 911.

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