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Mom's viral post describes racist bullying her son endures at Minnesota school

She says her son has come home in tears too many times.
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A Facebook post from a Minnesota mother seeking help to combat racism at her child's school has been shared nearly 1,000 times. 

Ashleigh Bursch posted about numerous incidents at Chaska Middle School East, where she alleges her son is frequently subjected to racist bullying because he's black. 

She said the most recent encounter happened Monday when Bursch received an email from the school's assistant principal who notified her that someone stole her son's gym T-shirt and wrote the N-word on it. 

"What broke my heart even more was [her son] didnt [sic] get angry he didn’t freak out instead he put the t-shirt on and put his sweatshirt over it," Bursch wrote in the Facebook post. "MY son wore a t-shirt with the N word written on it the entire class with a sweatshirt hiding it. I am sick to my stomach, my heart literally hurts and my eyes burn from the tears." 

Bursch included a screen shot showing part of the assistant principal's email, which says he gave her son a new gym t-shirt after he asked for one. 

Previous racist encounters Bursch alleges include students calling her son a "monkey," including an incident when a teacher's toddler visiting the class was instructed by students to draw a monkey on the white board, during which "they all laughed and looked" at her son. 

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She added: "He was constantly told that his dad is a drug dealer, or rapper because that’s what all black dads are."

After he son received a racist message on Snapchat, which she included a screen shot of, she said school officials explained to her that they couldn't do anything because it didn't happen at school. 

Bring Me The News has reached out to the school for comment and will update the story once a response is provided. 

According to WCCO, Chaska Middle School East sent a message to parents on Tuesday explaining the T-shirt incident and noting that an investigation was underway and Chaska Police Department was contacted. 

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