More charges for ex-Lakeville principal, including stalking, identity theft and card fraud

The 50 year old faces a litany of allegations.
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Christopher Endicott

Four more criminal charges have been filed against former Lakeville principal Christopher Endicott, the Dakota County Attorney confirmed on Friday.

The 50 year old from Apple Valley has previously been charged with burglarizing his neighbor and one of his renters, as well as stalking a detective who was investigating him for stalking.

Now the former Century Middle School principal is facing two more felony stalking charges, as well as one charge of identity theft and one of card fraud.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the alleged stalking victims had previously been in a relationship with Endicott while she was working for him at a junior high school in 2012.

But Endicott allegedly became angry when she broke it off upon realizing he was married, and he began a stalking campaign that lasted 5 years.

He followed her, harassed a new boyfriend to the point he broke up with her, opened up financial accounts in her name, obtained a copy of her IRS transcript, broke into her vehicle, and even managed to access her father's AT&T account.

Police found that Endicott had an "onion" browser installed on his phone that allowed him to access the dark web and mask his location.

In writings obtained by police, Endicott wrote that he felt that he'd been taken advantage of, and wanted to take revenge "by warding off the married guys she was with."

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The second stalking victim relates to this past December, with the victim an employee of Scott Highlands Middle School in Apple Valley, where Endicott's wife worked as a counselor.

She said she started noticing that her cellphone and school-issued iPad were being wiped.

She was later told by a school resource officer that one of her private documents had been made accessible to anyone in the school district.

A deep-dive into her account found that it had been compromised and regularly accessed since 2016, with this eventually traced to Endicott despite his efforts to cover his tracks.

The victim said she'd previously had a run-in with Endicott's wife in 2011-12, when his wife made a harassment complaint against the victim.

He hacked personal data of 15 victims

Endicott is also accused of accessing the IT systems of Scott Highlands Middle School, part of Independent School District 196, while he was still the principal of his school in Lakeville, in neighboring ISD 194.

After his computers were seized, investigators found he'd accessed personal and financial information on as many as 15 individuals, including school employees and their family members, hacking his way into their bank accounts, credit cards, airline rewards and store membership accounts.

He had made purchases with some of their credit cards without their knowledge, including an almost $6,000 purchase from Provident Metals, and $120 spent on a pornography website.

Police found writings from Endicott that mentioned he was "in financial ruin" and as such required a "foolproof scheme to get quick cash without getting caught."

"I had accumulated so much debt that I couldn't find a way out," he wrote.

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