More videos emerge of Minneapolis police arresting George Floyd

The Washington Post obtained security footage showing the initial arrest.

Videos have emerged over the past 24 hours showing more footage of George Floyd's arrest prior to him being placed on the ground with an officer's knee on his neck.

The longest of the videos was shared by the Washington Post on Tuesday evening, with surveillance camera from a neighboring business showing Floyd being led away from a vehicle in handcuffs.

This appears to be where he was initially arrested, taken from an SUV in which there were two other occupants, with an officer placing Floyd seated against a wall on East 38th Street, opposite Cup Foods.

The officer then spoke to Floyd and took notes, before leading him across the street to Chicago Avenue where a squad car was parked. It was by this squad car that Floyd was eventually pinned to the ground.

The footage appears to show Floyd fall to his knees just outside the squad car, but doesn't show the moment that officers pinned him – with the official Minneapolis Police Department statement saying he "physically resisted officers."

Here is the video, with Floyd taken out of the SUV at 3:15.

Another angle of Floyd's arrest showed that two officers were involved in removing him from the vehicle and handcuffing him.

Other footage taken by bystanders and nearby surveillance video has also revealed more about the incident.

While the initial video that sparked outrage showed one officer kneeling on Floyd's neck, one video shared on Twitter – which has since been deleted – shows he was being held down by as many as three officers.

On Tuesday, MPD Chief Medaria Arradondo announced that all four officers involved had been fired.

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