Mother crashes into ditch as she swerved to avoid dead deer in road

The mother was injured, but her two kids were not.
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A driver in central Minnesota crashed into a ditch after swerving to avoid a dead deer.

The incident happened on County Road 2 in Stearns County just after 6 a.m. Tuesday, when a Toyota Corolla driven by Kelly Lanners, 32, of Albany, left the road.

It emerged she had swerved to avoid the deer lying in the roadway, and ended up driving into a ditch on the east side of the road, striking a sign in the process.

Her two young sons were in the rear passenger seats, neither of whom were injured as they were using their seat belts and child restraint seats.

Lanners, who was also wearing a seat belt, was taken to St. Cloud Hospital for treatment on non-life threatening injuries.

Her car was towed from the scene and the dead deer removed from the road.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says that it received 7,896 reports of crashes involving vehicles and deer between 2014 and 2018, of which 18 resulted in death and 116 in serious injuries.

Many drivers in Minnesota will know this of course, but the experts advise that if you see an animal in the middle of the road, the worst thing you can do is swerve to avoid it, as this significant increases the chances of causing yourself injury.

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