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Motorist opens fire on driver in road rage incident on I-35W

Police are hunting the suspect.
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Police in Richfield are investigating a road rage incident in which a driver opened fire at another vehicle following a crash on I-35W.

The incident started around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, when two vehicles southbound on I-35W were involved in a collision following an "altercation."

The drivers continued but exited the interstate in Richfield, with one following the other to the intersection of 67th Street and 5th Avenue.

When one of the drivers pulled over – telling police they intended to exchange insurance information – the second drove by and fired 2-3 shots at their vehicle, before fleeing the area.

Two bullet holes were found in the victim's vehicle, though the two people inside the vehicle were unharmed.

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The suspect's vehicle is described as a silver passenger car displaying yellow temporary registration in the rear window and orange dealership plates. They have not been found.

Anyone with information should call Richfield Police Department at (612) 861-9800.

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