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MPD confirms it won't interfere with George Floyd memorial site

Floyd died at the corner of 38th St. and Chicago Ave.
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The site of George Floyd's death — which has become a memorial and gathering space for both mourners and demonstrators — will continue untouched by the city. 

On Saturday, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) announced that it "will not be altering or decommissioning the memorial" or disrupting "the meaningful artifacts" that have accumulated there:

Located at the intersection of 38th St. and Chicago Ave, the corner is where Floyd died under the knee of MPD officer Derek Chauvin, sparking ongoing global protests and civil unrest. It's now recognizable for its vivid mural of Floyd (pictured above) as well as a large collection of flowers and other items left in his memory.

As Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany notes, MPD's announcement was made in response to rumors that the department was planning to "clear out" the site on Sunday:

The paper also reported that public officials were discussing making the shrine permanent, with a "traffic roundabout, a peace garden, or perhaps a sculpture" as possibilities. 

Meanwhile, there's an effort underway to get Minneapolis to rename Chicago Ave in memory of Floyd. A petition was launched last week in support of the effort; as of this writing, it's several hundred signatures away from its goal of 25,000 total

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