Murder charges: 'Intoxicated' woman stabbed boyfriend in heart with kitchen knife

Police were called to their apartment three times in the same night.
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The girlfriend of 39-year-old Joseph "Moochie" McRunnel has been charged with his murder on a night where police were called to their apartment three times.

Zara Jo Case, also 39, was charged Wednesday with the 2nd-degree murder of McRunnel at the apartment at 990 15th Avenue S.E. in Minneapolis. Both Case and McRunnel were intoxicated that night, though a criminal complaint notes that McRunnel was less so.

Police were called to the apartment three times in less than an hour by neighbors, and on the third occasion McRunnel was found with a 10.5 cm deep stab wound that had pierced the right side of his heart.

When she was interviewed, Case said: "I stabbed him. That’s all there is to it. We were f****** s***faced, angry. He accidentally got stabbed and now he’s dead. I am going to prison forever."

The first call came in at 5:23 a.m., with a neighbor saying that Case was trying to force her way into his home, and he had to block the door with a refrigerator.

Officers arrived to find Case naked from the waist down and "extremely intoxicated," noting she was saying "strange and incoherent things" and when asked if she was on drugs, replied: "Absitively not."

They convinced her to go back to McRunnel's apartment, with McRunnel coming out and speaking with officers. The criminal complaint notes that he was "intoxicated but was cooperative and helpful."

While police were talking with McRunnel, the neighbor once again called 911 as Case was trying to get into his apartment. Police once again convinced her to return to McRunnel's apartment, and cleared the call at 6:05 a.m.

A minute later, officers received a call about a woman on the street corner "screaming about her boyfriend stabbing himself."

They returned to the apartment and found McRunnel with a stab wound to his chest, bite marks and bruising to his right shoulder and arm, and lacerations on his abdomen.

"Defendant was hysterical and resisted arrest," the complaint says of Case. "She kept yelling that Defendant had stabbed himself."

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McRunnel himself didn't initially think he'd been stabbed, telling police "It’s a tattoo” and “I just touched myself, I hurt myself."

Officers originally thought he may have cut himself on broken glass found in the apartment. First responders meanwhile didn't think the wound would prove fatal at first, but he died at HCMC a little over an hour later.

Police later found a large kitchen knife at the apartment lying on the floor of the bedroom.

During an interview, Case noted she'd recently gotten out of rehab, and said she had been addicted to meth and alcohol for 15 years.

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