Mystery as western Minnesota school district cancels classes for 2 days due to 'issue'

There have been no details provided as to the cause.
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The reason for the mysterious shutdown at La qui Parle Valley Schools has been revealed.

The school district posted an update Thursday afternoon, revealing that the decision to cancel classes on Thursday and Friday was taken due to "a threatening message" being found on Wednesday.

The message was found after school hours at Lac qui Parle Valley High School, prompting an investigation by the local sheriff's office.

School was canceled on Thursday as a result, while Friday will be an e-learning day, with school buildings re-opening on Monday.

The nature of the threat was not made clear in the district's update.

"Due to the timing of the discovery of the threat, the school elected to close as a precautionary measure to allow the initial investigation into the matter," the district posted.

"The school district is enhancing their security to ensure the safety of students and staff. Those changes will take place immediately."

Original story

A school district in western Minnesota has canceled classes for the next two days in mysterious circumstances.

The Lac qui Parle Valley School District said that schools have been canceled on Thursday and Friday due to an "issue."

"The Lac qui Parle Valley school administration and the Lac qui Parle County Sheriff's office are working to resolve an issue which has come up," the school district said in a Wednesday night Facebook post.

It has provided no further details as to the issue, and asked that residents not call school officials for any more information at this time.

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It says it will release more details "in the near future."

The Lac qui Parle Valley School District comprises four schools: Appleton-Milan Elementary, MMN Elementary, Lac qui Parle Middle School, and Lac qui Parle High School.

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