'Mystery company' behind plans near MOA is revealed as sensor firm SICK

The German company wants to expand its presence in Bloomington.
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SICK plans Bloomington

The "mystery" company behind plans for a major tech hub near the Mall of America in Bloomington has been revealed as Germany-based sensor company SICK Sensor Intelligence, Inc.

Ok, so it's not a big-name tech company like Google or Amazon, but the scanner and sensor makers are planning a potentially significant investment as it expands its Bloomington base.

Its U.S. headquarters are already at 6900 W 110th St. in Bloomington, but it wants to expand to a new campus across the street from the Mall of America to the northeast, which would consolidate all its U.S. operations (which includes a site in Savage, Minnesota) into one location.

Over the course of the next 15 years, it wants to gradually build a 600,000 square-foot campus that would comprise warehouse, distribution, production and office facilities.

In documents due to be discussed by Bloomington's Port Authority and City Council on Monday, SICK says that a move to the new location would result in the creation of 1,546 jobs by 2035, as well as 740 temporary construction jobs.

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These workers meanwhile would be paid on average the same as the current median wage of SICK's Bloomington employees, $81,000.

But in order for the development to go ahead, SICK is seeking the city of Bloomington to provide $32 million for the project, through a combination of reduced land cost and the construction of parking facilities.

SICK meanwhile would be investing more than $100 million into the project.

While it remains to be seen whether the plans will get the backing of elected officials, the documents note that it is also considering Houston – where it already has a presence – as an alternative location.

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