Myth Live's liquor license is renewed, but with a lot of conditions

Crime has been a major issue at the Maplewood nightclub and music venue.
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The City of Maplewood has granted Myth Live a liquor license for 2020, but not without a lot of caveats.

Public safety has been a major concern at the Maplewood nightclub and music venue in recent years, after a series of violent incidents, excessive alcohol consumption, and srug use.

At a meeting on Monday, the city council approved the license renewal with 25 conditions that the club must meet.

These include meeting regularly with police, keeping a hold of surveillance video for at least 90 days, not offering bottle service, efforts to limit excessive alcohol consumption, regular monitoring of bathrooms, and various other improvements to security.

The license was approved with a unanimous vote, with Mayor Marylee Abrams complimenting Myth Live for its efforts since conditions were imposed temporarily on the venue earlier this year, since when calls for police have dropped 57 percent.

Maplewood PD Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau concurred, adding that there has also been a drop of 66 percent in the call for EMS services since then.

"From a public safety standpoint we certainly appreciate the things that have changed, making it less of a draw on public safety resources," he said, noting the conditions have made it a safer place in the city.

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Nonetheless, the council members were on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing by William Skolnick, the attorney for Myth Live, which sued the council in September saying the conditions had been imposed unlawfully and without due process afforded under the constitution.

He called on the council to make up for it by approving the license without conditions, arguing that keeping the conditions in place was in "retaliation" for the lawsuit.

"The last time we were here, you treated my client and her lawyers with a disgusting display of disrespect," he said. "You demanded respect, but you did not give respect. A true failure for public servants."

"Now you have a chance to mitigate the damages," he later added. "My client and I beg you to do the right thing tonight, the right thing would be to approve the Myth Live liquor license without any conditions."

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