Naked jet skiers, drunk boater cited for causing problems on Gull Lake

They were accused of circling a pontoon occupied by a family.
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naked jet skiers

A drunken boater and a two naked men riding jet skis were the cause of problems on Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes Area earlier this month. 

DNR Officer Tim Collette says he received a call on Aug. 12 of a naked person a jet ski in Steamboat Bay of Gull Lake. He launched his patrol boat in the water and was quickly flagged down by the boater who reported the lewd behavior, with the boater accusing the "naked people" of circling a pontoon boat owned by Cragun's Resort, and of a blue boat circling a sailboat, nearly causing it to capsize. 

Collette tracked the boat down and saw it maneuvering in a reckless manner, driving in very tight circles with two jet skis jumping the wake caused by the boat's erratic behavior. 

Collette pulled the boater over and while he did so the two jet skiers headed for a nearby shoreline dock, before eventually coming back out to the boats. All three appeared to have been drinking, Collette noted, but instead of keeping three possibly intoxicated people on the water he told the two naked jet skiers to head back to shore and wait for him. 

Field sobriety tests conducted on the driver of the boat, identified as Ryan James Klingelhutz, 32, of Chanhassen, revealed a preliminary breath test of .109 and he was arrested for boating while intoxicated. 

Collette towed the man's boat back to shore and eventually was able to talk to the nude jet skiers, Daniel Michael Klingelhutz, 31, of Waconia, and Kody James Teslaa, 32, of East Gull Lake, who both admitted to driving the jet skies wearing nothing but life jackets, having circled a pontoon occupied by a man, woman and two young girls. 

The man on the pontoon sent the below video to Collette for proof of the incident.

Both naked jet skiers were cited for disorderly conduct and careless operation of a watercraft. 

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