National Guard says troops will be armed in Twin Cities after threat

The National Guard is increasing its presence in the metro.
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The Minnesota National Guard has said its troops in the Twin Cities will be armed ahead of potential unrest on Sunday.

The head of the MN National Guard, Lt. Gen. Jon Jensen, confirmed the move to CBS News after it was warned of a "specific threat against the guard" by the FBI. 

However, that threat had been revealed to local media earlier this week, only to be re-reported on Sunday by national media.

"Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen said his troops were armed, last night, and carrying ammo in their magazine pouches, although local commanders had authority to chamber rounds if necessary," said CBS correspondent David Martin.

The National Guard expanded its presence in Minneapolis significantly on Saturday following days of unrest and arsons in the south and north of the city.

It supported police and fire efforts to limit the impact of the George Floyd protests, following nights of fires and property damage thanks to the involvement of extremists.

The National Guard will once again have an enhanced presence in the Twin Cities on Sunday night, with protests over the 46-year-old's death last Monday continuing.

Former Minneapolis PD officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with his murder, though three officers involved in Floyd's arrest have not yet been arrested.

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