NBA All-Star Tony Parker joins Minneapolis financial advice firm

He'll be helping sports stars with their money.
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Tony parker

We bet that's a headline you didn't think you'd be reading today.

But yes, Tony Parker, the six-time All-Star and winner of four NBA Championships, is joining Minneapolis-based financial advice firm NorthRock Partners.

Parker, who retired last week after an illustrious career at the San Antonio Spurs, has been named the president of the NorthRock Sports, Artists and Entertainment division.

The 37-year-old will lead a team that helps athletes and other entertainers not blow their cash, essentially, providing financial planning, tax services and more that is "tailored to the complexities of being a professional athlete or entertainer."

He won't be doing it from Minnesota though, with NorthRock adding a San Antonio office from which he can operate.

Parker says he is "equally proud" of the financial planning and preparation he undertook for himself as he is of his success on the court, as it allowed him to "safely retire from basketball on my own terms."

"As I begin a new chapter, I look forward to leading a different kind of team at NorthRock, earning the trust of our sports, artists and entertainment clientele, and sharing my experience and counsel to help exceptional people live exceptional lives."

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In an interview with Bloomberg, Parker said that over the years he had seen people "take advantage of athletes," and wants to use his experience to help others.

"I don’t need their money – I have my own. I just want to try to give a solution to the athletes," he said.

NorthRock CEO Rob Nelson said in a press release: "Tony Parker is the perfect partner who will help reimagine the resources NorthRock Sports, Artists and Entertainment can provide because he can empathize with and relate to the unique experiences and needs of our high-performing clientele.

"I have had the good fortune of counseling many professional athletes over the years, and Tony is by far one of the most adequately prepared for retirement. His insights, judgment and passion for serving others will immediately elevate our firm to new heights."

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