Nearly 50 rental scooters badly damaged in St. Paul

They were found over a three-day period in late June.
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Police are investigating after nearly 50 rental scooters were found badly damaged in St. Paul. 

According to St. Paul PD, an employee from Spin, a San Francisco-based electric scooter company, filed a complaint on June 28 saying 10 of the company's scooters had been damaged on Tuesday, June 25, followed by eight more the next day and 31 more on June 27. 

The employee said it's common for one or two scooters to be damaged over the course of a week, but nothing to the volume happening in St. Paul. 

All of the damaged scooters were found in downtown St. Paul, and all of them appeared to have been smashed to the ground. 

Specific types of damage includes bent handlebars and frames, broken sensors and some scooters with brake cables cut, indicating that the damage done was possibly intentional. 

The Pioneer Press says it'll cost approximately $1,225 to repair each scooter, which would run up a bill of about $60,000 to fix all 49 of them. 

He reported it would be an estimated $1,225 to repair each one, according to Linders

Spin Rides is one of three companies providing dockless scooters in St. Paul. 

The company was founded in 2016 and purchased last year by Ford Motor Company. 

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