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Drive-thru ice cream and burger joint in Sartell under fire for job posting

The restaurant later claimed it was a mistake.

A newly opened drive-thru ice cream spot in Sartell is in hot water over a jobs posting that, among other things, requested "no complainers - no entitlement - no race players - no binary players."

Fudgin Delicious Sartell, which recently opened in the former Frugals building, posted the job listing on Facebook on June 7. It quickly caught the eye of some social media users, who screengrabbed and shared the now-deleted post. Here's one such share on Reddit:

The ad, which appeared to be posted under the account of Fudgin Delicious' owner Anna Faber, reads:

"Looking for hard-working individuals - no slackers - no complainers - no entitlement - no race players - no binary players - we just want employees who want a job - want to come to work, make money and go home. All personal thoughts & choices are not part of the jobs we are offering. Not here to hand out free paychecks they need to be earned. We are a fast paced drive through and you must be able to pull your weight with the team your scheduled with."

The ad lists part-time ice cream scooper and grill cook positions, with an apparent floor of $10.08 an hour, the minimum wage in Minnesota as of Jan. 1, 2021, for large employers.

Social media users critical of the job listing say the language used is discriminatory and ignorant. They're urging others to consider taking their business elsewhere.

"Guess I won’t be going to Fudgin Delicious anytime soon," wrote one Facebook user.

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Another said they'd previously gone to Fudgin Delicious, but wouldn't have if they'd known they were "so yucky and gross to humanity 😑."

The Facebook pages for Fudgin Delicious Sartell has been deleted, as have the pages for their locations in St. Cloud and Big Lake. But in a post on the now-defunct St. Cloud Food Court page, still visible through a cached page, the business wrote:

"Our Facebook Page has been Hacked

there are no sales - job postings - or closures - Please do not respond."

Accompanying the post were two images of a screenshotted Messenger conversation, in which a relative of the owner who claimed to have access to the account said they published the now-controversial post after mounting "frustration" over work happenings, including workers claiming they'd had their hours reduced due to race and sexual orientation.

"I was sick and tired of hearing endless excuses as to why employees couldn't just do their job and needing to find replacements," the message in the screenshot reads. The sender also apologized to "anyone that was upset about the posting," and said they took full responsibility.

Bring Me The News left a message with an employee at Fudgin Delicious Sartell, seeking a comment from the owner, but has not heard back as of publishing time.

The Sartell location is  one of three active locations for Fudgin Delicious, which originally opened in Big Lake 10 years ago, the Monticello Times reported. But this latest is the first with a drive thru. In addition to ice cream, it serves burgers, fries and other fried foods.

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