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New lawmaker from Edina receives nasty letter telling her she can't be a good mom

Heather Edelson was elected as a state representative in last month's mid-terms.
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Just weeks before she'll start her tenure, the new state representative for Edina has been on the receiving end of some hate mail.

Democrat Heather Edelson last month won election in House District 49A, covering Edina, defeating Republican incumbent Dario Anselmo.

We wrote about their race shortly after the election when the two rivals shared a drink after Edelson's win, in a rare show of bipartisan camaraderie.

But while Anselmo didn't express any hard feelings over his loss, at least one person isn't happy with Edelson's victory, judging by a letter that Edelson shared on Twitter on Friday.

It called into question the commitment of Edelson to her three sons, who all attend Edina Public Schools, suggesting that they're "taking a back seat" because Edelson decided to run for office.

Here's a copy of the letter, which Edelson tweeted along with a message saying she was "saddened" by its contents.

"I think they NEED a mother and if you come close to being as committed as Dario has been, they will need a lot of nannying, or maybe your husband is a great replacement," it read.

"Have you thought of who's going to be there in the wee hours of the morning when you are still in the capitol in a late session," it continues. "I guess your ego needed satisfying and the kids take a back seat."

Among those responding to Edelson's tweet was the soon-to-be-former state auditor Rebecca Otto, who ran for the DFL nomination for governor, and some of her future legislative colleagues, including GOP Rep. Pat Garofalo and DFL Rep. Matt Klein.

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