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New parents in 2016: Let's name our kid after the evil guy from Star Wars

The villain's name shot way up the list of most popular baby names.

Looks like The Force Awakens had a pretty big impact on what parents named their newborn babies.

The list of 2016's most popular baby names was released by the Social Security Administration Friday. It also shows which names rose and dropped in popularity.

The changes seem closely tied to pop culture. Don't believe us? Here's what we mean:

Star Wars names

Kylo – This name saw a huge spike in popularity over the course of one year. It went from ranking 3,269th in popularity in 2015, to 901st a year later. Why? Probably due to the The Force Awakens' new villain by the same name.

Leia – The princess's name saw a mini jump, from 421 in 2015 to 100 last year, after her return in the new Star Wars. (Speaking of Princess, that name also jumped from 999 to 767.)

Finn – This one went from 209th to 175th – so not a huge jump, but even that was probably in part due to John Boyega's character in The Force Awakens.

Anakin – People must love the young bad guys, because young Darth Vader's name climbed from 910th to 778th.


Kehlani – The singer/songwriter's name flew from 3359th way up to 872nd ... in one year.

Royalty – While not technically a musician (yet), Royalty is the name of Chris Brown's young daughter. Maybe that had something to do with the jump from spot 1,150 to 532.

Zayn – The former One Direction star's name climbed from 643rd to 421st.

Alessia – Alessia Cara's hit, "Here," was all over the radio late 2015 to 2016. Could that explain the popularity change from 1,175 to 827?

Other pop culture

Caitlyn – The top four female names that decreased in popularity are all variations of the name shared with the headline-grabbing Jenner. Caitlyn went from 598th in 2015 to 1,060th in 2016. Other variations of the name saw similar changes.

Creed – The latest Rocky movie by the same name came out in 2015, leading us to wonder if that's why it went from ranking 1,352nd to 370th.

Apollo – The fact that Apollo is also on this list makes the above seem pretty likely. Apollo climbed from 751 to 584.

Grey – This one went from 916th to 759th over the course of a year. We just hope it's a coincidence that the 50 Shades of Grey movie came out around the same time.

You can see the full list names and how their popularity has changed over the years here.

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