New Prague post office closes amid mysterious safety concerns

Operations have been moved to Belle Plain until the office reopens.
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This weekend, New Prague residents found out that their post office had closed suddenly.

According to a news release from the U.S. Postal Service, operations at the location — which is at 124 Main St. E — have been temporarily suspended "due to safety concerns with the building":

The "why" is left vague, with the USPS saying an "environmental specialist" will have to inspect the building before postal employees can enter it again. 

As the New Prague Times reports, a man in a hazmat suit was seen coming out of the building while New Prague Postmaster Jorg Lewis was speaking to reporters.

"Lewis said further details would come from a regional spokesperson," the paper added.

USPS says that mail and packages that were in the facility at the time of the closure "are not retrievable," as the building must be deemed safe to enter first. 

However, residents can pick up their P.O. box mail and "notice left" items at the Belle Plain post office.

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