New website allows you to report if you're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

It features a map that shows where people are reporting from.
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There's a new website available to Minnesotans to report how they're feeling during the novel coronavirus outbreak. Whether you feel well or are experience symptoms that are worrisome, all are encouraged to fill out a quick questionnaire so help health officials learn more about the spread of COVID-19. 

If you answer the opening question about how you're feeling with "Great, thanks!" you'll be directed to another question about your age, gender, zip code and if you've had a flu shot. If you're answer that you're "Not feeling well," you'll be directed to more questions about your symptoms, as seen in the images below. 

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The website also allows you to enter your zip code to find out how many people in your area have used the site to report respiratory symptoms. Here's a look at a map showing people who have used the site to report symptoms or if they've been tested for COVID-19. 

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The Minnesota Department of Health is encouraging everyone to use the site and answer, whether you’re healthy or have symptoms. 

"This will help us learn more about the virus so we can make decisions about how to best protect Minnesotans," the state health department said. 

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