No charges for officers who shot dead Chanhassen teenager

The 16-year-old died outside his home in July.
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The two officers who shot dead 16-year-old Archer Amorosi outside his Chanhassen home won't be charged over the killing.

The Carver County Attorney's Office announced the decision on Thursday after meeting with Amorosi's parents.

The teenager was suicidal, and ran out of his home holding a hatchet and a handgun-style BB gun after locking his mother in the garage on July 13.

He refused to drop it when confronted by officers, and then charged at Cpl. Jacob Hodge "in a full sprint" while wielding the hatchet.

Cpl. Hodge and Deputy Travis Larson opened fire, killing him. As many as 10 shots may have been fired, but all were fired within a 2-second period, an investigation found.

“Unfortunately, once Archer charged at Corporal Hodge in ‘a full sprint’ with the hatchet, less than lethal force was no longer a plausible option," Carver County Attorney Mark Metz concluded.

"Their actions are reasonable under law and there is no legal basis to charge either with a crime."

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There was no body camera footage of the incident, but some audio recordings heard the officers telling Amorosi to drop his weapons shortly before shots were fired.

"Shoot! Shoot!" Amorosi responded.

His mother had earlier called the police after he locked her in the garage, telling them her son was suicidal and was threatening her with knives and a baseball bat.

Amorosi was due to start his junior year at Minnetonka High School. As a freshman, he was a quarterback on the high school's football team, and he was also a member of the lacrosse team.

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