No officers will be charged in fatal shooting of father who live-streamed chase

Brian Quinones died after exiting his car with a knife.
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Brian Quinones

No police officers will be charged over the fatal shooting of Brian Quinones in Richfield last year.

Quinones, 30, was shot dead in September after exiting his car in Richfield, which follows a chase involving Richfield and Edina police officers, which Quinones was live-streaming inside the car.

On Monday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said no charges will be filed against the Richfield or Edina officers involved "after careful and extensive review of the evidence."

Warning: Videos shared in this story are graphic and extremely upsetting

The video streamed on Facebook by Quinones appeared to show him leaving the car with a knife in his hand, which is what Freeman confirmed in his Monday announcement.

"First I want to acknowledge what a tragic event this was. My condolences go out to Mr. Quinones' friends and family," he said.

"Our office received hours of video evidence from the Richfield and Edina police squad car cameras and from Mr. Quinones’ personal Facebook Live video. When Mr. Quinones left his car after leading police on a chase, he had a knife in his hand.

"Subsequently, he threatened several officers with the knife. Mr. Quinones refused police requests to stand down and refused to drop the knife."

Freeman says that under state law, "it is clear" that the "use of deadly force was necessary, proportional and objectively reasonable" on the part of the five officers who used their weapons.

Quinones' death prompted protests from his family and friends, with calls for the police and attorney's office to release squad car dashcam footage from the incident, which have been released on Monday.

What happened?

The incident was sparked after chase that started in Edina when Officer Nicholas Pederson noticed a vehicle driving erratically at around 10 p.m. on Sept. 7.

The video shared by Quinones shows the end of the chase as it entered Richfield. There was a gap of about 18 seconds between when the father-of-one got out of the car and when police opened fire, with shouting heard in the interim.

Dashcam footage from Pederson's squad shows Pederson backing off while holding his gun out as Quinones advanced on him with a knife.

Pederson is saying "he's got a gun" before correcting himself to say "he's got a knife" into his police radio at this time.

The officer can be heard shouting "get on the ground" and "drop the knife," with a voice that is presumably Quinones' saying, "do it."

Pederson opened fire at this point, with the other officers involved being Richfield PD's Dylan Schultz, Macabe Stariha and Joseph Carroll, and Edina's Benjamin Wenande.

Footage from Schultz's vehicle shows the officers surrounding Quinones as he continued to run with the knife, with Freeman saying at one point he turned and pointed the knife at Schultz, who had deployed a Taser, and ran at him while saying "Kill me, kill me!"

Officer Stariha fired five shots at Quinones, who then lunged towards Officer Carroll, who also fired a shot as Stariha fired three more.

Quinones appeared to start holding his arm just before the final shots that ultimately felled him.

Officer Wenande, who was the last officer on scene, said he'd heard the officers shouting "drop the knife" on multiple occasions. He too fired a single shot as Quinones neared him.

Quinones eventually fell to the ground and dropped the knife, with officers rendering first aid. He died from 7 bullet wounds.

More about Brian Quinones

Quinones worked the night-shift at General Mills, per his Facebook page, but was an aspiring hip-hop artist known as Blessed The MC, citing influences including Kanye, DMX, Kid Cudi, Nas and Eminem, among many others.

Posts he made on his Facebook page in the days before his death provided a foreshadowing of what would occur.

One of his final Facebook posts stated: "So sorry," and he also uploaded his entire album, "T.I.M.E.: This Is My Everything."

This album featured lyrics that some of his friends suggest referred to what was going to happen, including the line: "Get ready, cuz it’s gonna hurt, right?" and "They killed him. This ain’t the way it’s supposed to go. They killed him, and I’m just supposed to be here."

A married father of a 12-year-old boy, Quinones was a barber as well as a musician, his brother, Joshua Quinones, told KSTP in September.

His brother also told the TV station that Quinones had been having suicidal thoughts, and he had grown concerned having spoken to him just before the chase and shooting, and tried to reach out to him when he saw his Facebook stream

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