No peaceful protesting after 8 p.m. in Minneapolis: 'If you are on the streets tonight, you are not with us'

Everyone is urged to obey curfew or risk being swept up in a massive response.
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Planned peaceful protests are expected to take place in Minneapolis again Saturday, but once the city's curfew hits at 8 p.m., anyone left on the streets will be considered part of the problem that has led to significant destruction of property at the hands of violent rioters. 

In short, state leaders are urging peaceful protesters to go home so law enforcement can more easily identity anyone attempting to damage buildings and start fires. 

"If you are on the streets tonight, it is very clear: You are not with us, you do not share our values," said Gov. Tim Walz. 

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said the violent rioters have been using crowds of peaceful protesters as cover, essentially damaging property and then blending in with the crowd or running for safety. 

"Literally there are 5,000 [rioters] of them surrounding a building, trashing the building and then when confronted, running back into the cover of darkness into residential areas," said Harrington. 

Gov. Walz said preliminary estimates suggest that only 20 percent of the rioters are from Minnesota, with 80 percent believed to be from out of state.

"If you are an innocent bystander going out there tonight, you will be swept up in this," said Walz. 

Mayor Jacob Frey said that "by being out tonight you are most definitely helping those who seek to wrong our city." Walz added: "If you are out after 8 o'clock you are aiding and abetting these folks."

Around 2,500 National Guard troops will be ready to respond throughout the Twin Cities by noon Saturday, joining hundreds of state police, county and local law enforcement in the response. 

"It will be a dangerous situation on the streets tonight," Walz said.  

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