Nokomis post office closing down for 'critical floor repairs'

The location's services will be temporarily relocated on Monday.
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If the Nokomis post office station is where you do your business with the postal service, you'll need to conduct it elsewhere for a while.

On Monday, the location at 5139 34th Ave S in Minneapolis is temporarily shutting down for repairs, with its services (including P.O. box operations) being transferred to the Minnehaha Station about two miles away. 

The station is expected to reopen on Friday, Sept. 27, according to a news release from the United States Postal Service. 

The release says the closure is "due to the need for critical floor repairs"; however, according to the Star Tribune, the repairs involve asbestos removal.

The building's owner told the paper the material will be removed from tile flooring "throughout the building," and added that "no ailments have been connected to" the asbestos there.

Asbestos is a highly toxic mineral that was widely used as a fireproofing material in construction until the early 1970s, when health concerns led to a partial ban, according to the CDC. 

It is considered a leading cause of mesothelioma, a malignant lung cancer that can seldom be cured.

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