Norm Coleman shaken after his boat is broadsided in northern Minnesota

Two children were also sent hurtling into the water, but fortunately nobody was injured.
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Former Sen. Norm Coleman had a nasty experience on a northern Minnesota lake this weekend when he was thrown into the water after his boat was broadsided.

Coleman was using the front trolling motor on the bow of his boat as he fished Lake Ada on Saturday when he heard a sound of an engine nearby.

"I saw a Dad and two kids standing up in their boat, working on some fishing line. The problem was that they were looking down and their boat was about twenty yards from my boat, going full speed and heading right at me," he wrote on Facebook.

"Their boat hit mine broadside and hurtled over my boat."

Coleman leapt into the water to avoid the impact, with two children also on the boat ending up in the lake. Fortunately, nobody was injured, though everyone was shaken.

Coleman, who served as a U.S. Senator between 2003 and 2009 and is now battling cancer, said that he might have been killed had he not been on the bow of the boat.

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"The usual spot for me on my boat is in my seat by the outboard motor using the tiller, while, trolling in reverse," he wrote. "Yesterday, the tiller was sheared off and the seat was crushed. Had I been sitting there I would have suffered the same fate."

"It was only because the fish finder in the back of the boat was on the blink, that had me up on the bow trolling.

"I’ve been facing mortality quite a bit in my battle in the last few years with the the Big C. I dodged a bullet this weekend."

The 69-year-old said he was wearing a self-inflating life-jacket, while the children on the boat were also wearing life jackets.

"Moral to the story, always wear a life jacket."

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