Northern MN Sheriff: Bears nearby, don't let kids walk to school

A northern Minnesota school has bears lurking nearby.
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Look both ways when crossing the street, and watch out for bears. 

That's the way things are currently for students of Clearbrook-Gonvick School, which is about a 40-minute drive to the northwest of Bemidji in northern Minnesota. 

"Bears have been spotted near the intersection of the Clearwater Lake Road and 169th Ave. This is the intersection in front of the Clearbrook-Gonvick School," the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post alerting parents of school-aged children. 

"The School is requesting that you do not allow your children to walk to school until further notice."

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Anyone that sees a bear is asked to keep a distance, and the sheriff warns that a mother bear will defend its cubs even if a person means no harm. 

There's no word on how many bears are in the area, but the sheriff, local police and DNR are monitoring them. 

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