NPR reporter gets abuse after being mistaken for Minnesota Secretary of State

Steve Simon was in the doghouse on Super Tuesday.
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There was an innocent victim in the problems that plagued the Minnesota Secretary of State's Pollfinder website on Super Tuesday: NPR reporter Scott Simon.

That's because he was being mistaken for Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon, who came under pressure after the Pollfinder site became overloaded, and began redirecting people to Pollfinders on websites that appeared to be Democrat-leaning.

Steve Simon issued an apology after the issue was resolved, saying it was the result of a staff person who "diverged from our emergency plan and, in a serious lapse of judgment, linked to a partisan website that contained polling place information."

Naturally, the incident sparked major criticism from Minnesota Republicans, with some social media users sending some abuse Simon's way.

But they also apparently sent some abuse to Scott Simon, mistaking him for the Minnesota SOS.

"I am getting complaints blaming me--sometimes in graphic terms--for wrong voting information in Minnesota," Scott Simon later tweeted. "Elections are the responsibility of the MN Secretary of State, @MNSteveSimon, not me. As a Chicagoan, I am responsible only for my vote, and those of my late parents."

Mistaken identity is a common feature on Twitter. For example, Matt Gertz, who works at Media Matters, has basically built a significant chunk of his Twitter presence around being regular mistaken for Florida congressman and staunch Trump supporter, Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Then there is Alison Becker, the Parks and Recreation actress who is regularly misidentified for Alisson Becker, the goalkeeper for reigning European soccer champions Liverpool F.C.

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