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Oct. 8 COVID-19 update: Hospitalization, ICU figures return

The data had been removed from public view Sept. 24.
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The Minnesota Department of Health is again publicizing the number of COVID-19 patients who are currently hospitalized, having decided to reverse an earlier decision that saw the health department remove current hospital totals from public view on Sept. 24. 

Through Oct. 7, the MDH is reporting that there are 139 COVID-19 patients in an ICU. Additionally, there are 318 COVID-19 patients hospitalized but not in an ICU. That's a total of 457 hospitalized COVID-19 patients. That's an increase of 127 since MDH stopped reporting the totals. 

The public dashboard has also been updated, now show the state's hospitals have a maximum capacity of 1,884 ICU beds, of which 1,078 are currently occupied. The state also is currently seeing 6,957 of 9,947 (69.94%) non-ICU hospital beds occupied. 

Meanwhile, Thursday's update includes eight more deaths and 1,276 new cases, five of which have been removed, so the official count is 1,271 cases. Those positives are the result of 15,418 people tested, creating a 24-hour reporting period test positivity rate of 8.24%.

The positive test rate is lower from the perspective when the number of individuals producing positive tests (1,271) divided by total completed tests (28,404). In that case, the positivity rate is 4.47%.

The "tests completed" number is always higher than the "people tested" metric because some people get tested multiple times and those who test positive are only counted once, so it produces a less accurate positivity rate.

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers:

  • Total tests: 2,224,194 (up from 2,195,882)
  • People tested: 1,526,559 (up from 1,511,141)
  • Positive cases: 107,922 (up from 106,651)
  • Deaths: 2,109 (up from 2,101)
  • Hospitalized (cumulative since start of pandemic): 8,187 (up from 8,089)
  • ICU admissions (cumulative): 2,245 (up from 2,223)
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 97,254 (up from 9,616)

There have also been 53 deaths where COVID-19 is listed by doctors as the "probable" cause, though it's not included in the official COVID-19 death toll.

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