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Of the 10 districts with the highest voter turnout, 3 were in Minnesota

Minnesota once again had the highest turnout of any state in November's mid-terms.
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Once again, Minnesota had the highest turnout of any state in the nation in the most recent elections.

It's the second election in a row that Minnesota has topped the voter turnout tables, with Secretary of State Steve Simon confirming Minnesota's final turnout on Tuesday as 64.25 percent, with more than 2.6 million eligible voters taking to the polls.

This is the highest turnout in a non-presidential election in Minnesota since 2002, and the highest number of mid-term voters ever seen in the state. It's more than 1 percentage point higher than the 2nd ranked state, Colorado.

What's more, the competitiveness of Minnesota's congressional races meant that the state had 3 of the highest 10 turnouts in U.S. House elections.

The Cook Political Report notes that based on preliminary numbers, the highest turnout of any congressional race in the November mid-terms was in Minnesota's 3rd District.

That district, covering the southwest Twin Cities metro, saw Democrat Dean Phillips beat GOP incumbent Erik Paulsen and attracted a 73 percent turnout of eligible voters.

Minnesota's heavily-liberal 5th District, which saw Ilhan Omar ease to victory, had the 6th highest turnout with 69 percent.

That was just ahead of the 2nd District, which also had 69 percent turnout as Democrat Angie Craig defeated incumbent Republican Jason Lewis.

"Though we continue to lead the nation in participation, there is still much more we need to do to make democracy meaningful and accessible for everyone," Simon said.

"We can and will do more to encourage participation by young people, communities of color, new Americans, rural communities, military service members, voters with disabilities, and citizens of all kinds who are disillusioned or disgusted with politics. Our freedom depends on it."

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Minnesota had highest voter turnout in the country

The nearly three million Minnesotans that cast their votes Tuesday put the state at the top of the list for voter turnout nationwide. Nearly 76 percent of eligible voters in the state made it to the polls and broke a record number of ballots cast, but the percentage of voters is actually lower than it was in 2008.