Offensive flyers from College Republicans condemned at University of Minnesota-Morris

The sexist and transphobic flyers were shared on social media this week.
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A series of offensive flyers posted on campus by a group of college Republicans have sparked complaints to University of Minnesota-Morris leaders, and widespread condemnation.

The posters bearing the name of the UMM College Republicans group have been placed this week in the university's Student Center and Science Tunnel, the two places where students are allowed to post flyers.

One of them suggests that "feminists" are liable to falsely accuse people of rape, while the other are transphobic in nature, with one saying: "Your gender identity and pronouns are not real & not valid."

After the flyers were shared on social media, a number of students posted messages at the University of Minnesota-Morris' official accounts, calling on them to take action against the college group.

The university issued a statement late Thursday, saying it "does not condone messaging that is meant to be divisive."

"That messaging does not support the welcoming community we seek to be," U of M-Morris Chancellor Michelle Behr said.

"While we embrace free expression, we also recognize that exercising this right comes with responsibility. Use of intentionally provocative speech impacts our campus and those targeted in the messaging, leading to individuals and student communities feeling invalidated, isolated, and unsafe. It isn’t acceptable to treat one another that way."

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While it has condemned the posters, Behr stopped short of saying it will be taking punitive action against the group, other than to say: "Let me assure you campus leaders take building an inclusive and respectful campus seriously and are taking action in this area."

The posters have also been condemned by the statewide Minnesota College Republicans group, which said it had "no knowledge and involvement" with the posters.

Karly Hahn, the chairwoman of Minnesota College Republicans, wrote on Twitter: "There’s no place for this in the Republican Party. Extremely disappointed in the individuals that thought this was ok."

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