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Officials investigate after anti-President Trump meme shared to Brainerd school Facebook page

It was visible for 25 minutes on Saturday, according to one report.
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An investigation has been launched at Brainerd Public Schools after a meme critical of President Donald Trump was shared to an elementary school Facebook page over the weekend.

The offending meme features President Trump and former candidate Hillary Clinton and a quote stating: "People love to hate Hillary, but she called Trump a Russian puppet to his stupid f------ face. I'll always respect her for that."

The meme, originally created by activist group "The Other 98%," was posted on Facebook by a woman named Karen Smith from Sacramento, who has posted multiple anti-Trump memes to Facebook over the past few years.

According to the Brainerd Dispatch, her Hillary-Trump post was shared to the Facebook page of the Garfield Elementary School in Brainerd on Saturday, when it was up for 25 minutes before being deleted.

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The school has said that two employees have admin access to the page but both denied posting the meme. Brainerd Public Schools superintendent Laine Larson told the newspaper the content shared to the Garfield page "is absolutely in direct denial of what the school district believes."

Here's the statement issued by Brainerd Public Schools on Monday:

The administration of Brainerd Public Schools was notified Saturday evening that an unauthorized and inappropriate politically-based post appeared on the social media account of one of its schools. The post was removed soon after it was discovered, as it was not authorized by the District and reflects a level of discourse that runs contrary to the District’s basic educational mission.

"The District does not support or otherwise endorse the views expressed in the post. The affected social media account is currently disabled while the district investigates how this incident occurred. The District is also reviewing security and management processes on all Brainerd Public Schools social media accounts to prevent this type of situation in the future.

As of Monday morning, the Garfield Elementary School Facebook account has been removed from the social media site.

It's not the first time there has been controversy over anti-Trump sentiment involving Brainerd Public Schools.

Last year, a Brainerd schools student stated in a yearbook comment that she would like to "behead" Trump, which was then printed in the finished yearbooks.

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