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On 5th day of Jayme Closs search, police want more information on her parents

Denise and James Closs were shot dead at their home in Barron on Monday.
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There is little in the way of new information as the search for missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs entered its fifth day, with police renewing their appeal for information.

As well as information on Jayme's possible whereabouts, police have specifically asked for more information about her parents, Denise and James Closs, who were shot dead at their home in Barron, Wisconsin in the early hours of Monday.

Jayme was home at the time of their deaths, police say, and fear she has been abducted by whomever had killed them.

"We are hopeful to learn more about the Closs family to help bring Jayme home," Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said.

"If you spent time with members of the Closs family recently, or if you have ever had a misunderstanding with members of the Closs family, or know someone who has, please call the tipline."

The tipline is 1-855-744-3879.

Fitzgerald says officers have conducted hundreds of interviews since Jayme disappeared and followed up on more than 1,000 tips received in the past few days.

It has re-iterated its advice to the public to be on the lookout for tell-tale signs that something may be wrong with someone they know.

"People may act differently shortly after committing a violent act," Fitzgerald said. "You may have observed such behaviors and not realized it at the time. We are asking you to think back to earlier this week and let us know if you’ve noticed any of the following:

– Changes in routine: Such as missing work for sudden and unplanned reasons, with no reasonable excuse; missing scheduled appointments or meet-ups with family and friends; and suddenly leaving town for no reasonable explanation.

– Changes in behavior: They may increase their consumption of alcohol or drugs; a change in the way they look of themselves or their vehicle; or they may pay too much or too little attention to the progress of the investigation in a way that seems out of the ordinary, such as turning off the news or re-directing conversations. They may also be anxious, nervous or irritable.

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