On LSD at a 'Rainbow Gathering,' man strangled woman and bit someone's finger off

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Under the influence of a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs, a man attending a spiritual event in Superior National Forest attacked a woman and bit part of someone's finger off.

The extraordinary attack happened at a "Rainbow Gathering" near Trout Lake Road in Cook County on Sunday, with 20-year-old man Spencer Fredrickson now facing 1st degree assault charges.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office said that while under the influence of LSD and LSA ("Morning Glory Seeds"), Fredrickson, of Northfield, Minnesota grabbed a 40-year-old woman by the throat, tried to strangle her and attempted "to pull her jaw apart by force."

This happened after she had tried to calm him down as well as refusing his unwanted advances.

Someone going by the name of "Satellite" came to help, telling police that Fredrickson was exhibiting "super human strength."

As he tried to pull Fredrickson off the woman, Fredrickson bit off part of Satellite's finger, before he was eventually subdued using duct tape.

When Cook County deputy Andrew Hayes arrived and tried to prevent him from cutting off his own circulation, Fredrickson attacked the deputy, breaking the skin through the officer's gloves.

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Both the woman and Satellite were treated and released from North Shore Health Hospital in Grand Marais.

Fredrickson is being held on a $200,000 bail.

Rainbow Gatherings are counterculture events celebrating peace, harmony, freedom and respect, though in recent years there has been rising concern over the amount of drug taking and violence at such events.

This weekend's event was the Wisconsin-Minnesota Regional Rainbow Gathering.

Morning Glory Seeds, by the way, come from seed pods taken from flowers that grow on vines. If the seed is consumed, it can cause powerful hallucinations with similar effects to LSD.

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