One thrown overboard, one injured in boat accident on Lake Vermilion

Fortunately, a third person was able to rescue the man in the water.
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Two people were treated for injuries sustained in a boating accident on Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota.

The incident unfolded Wednesday morning, with first responders called to the Pike Bay Lodge in rural Tower following a reported accident.

It emerged that three men from Illinois were on a boat on the east side of Ely Island when the driver "reached for a life jacket that was about to blow out of the boat."

As he did so, the 57-year-old driver "inadvertently turned the motor tiller handle to the left causing the boat to quickly turn to the right."

A 21-year-old passenger on the bow of the boat was thrown into the water, while the driver fell over inside the boat and struck his head on the side.

Another passenger, aged 50, was able to regain control of the boat and helped the man who had fallen into the water back onto the craft.

They drove back to Pike Bay Lodge, with the driver taken to an emergency room with a minor head injury, while the younger man thrown overboard was treated at the scene and released.

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