Oregon businessman found guilty of rape at Bloomington hotel

The victim was drinking at a hotel bar, and woke to find she was being sexually assaulted.
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An Oregon man has been found guilty of the rape and assault of a woman at a hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, this past November.

Jimmy Hortiz, 42, of The Dalles, Oregon, was convicted by a jury in Hennepin County of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and third-degree assault on Friday.

It follows a rape at the Doubletree Hotel on Normandale Boulevard on Nov. 29, with the victim having had several drinks at the bar with friends to the point of intoxication.

She then remembers gasping awake in a hotel room, where an older white man she didn't know was raping her.

When she resisted, he choked her, punched her, grabbed her by the hair, and shoved her head into a dresser.

The victim said the next thing she remembered was running down the hallway of the hotel and then having a panic attack in the lobby, while wearing clothing that wasn't hers.

A witness told police she could hear a woman crying and begging to be let out of a 4th-floor room in the early hours of Nov. 30.

Hortiz, who was in town on a business trip, had checked into the room, and when police searched it they found bloodstained sheets, a broken red fingernail that matched the victim's, and hidden in the ceiling, the victim's clothes.

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He claimed that he'd allowed the woman to come in to use the bathroom and then she began kissing him, before becoming enraged when she turned down his advances, claiming she threw a hotel phone at him and a lamp.

Police found that the lamps and phone had not been disturbed. Hortiz's DNA was also found on the victim, despite his claims he didn't have sex with her.

The 42-year-old is facing a sentence of up to 30 years for first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

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