Orono police investigate suspected druggings at Lord Fletcher's

The lodge on the shores of Lake Minnetonka says it's helping police.
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Lord Fletcher's Lodge

A few days after Orono police said it's investigating women's drinks being spiked at "local establishments," it's emerged that one of them is Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge.

The entertainment complex on the shores of Lake Minnetonka confirmed in a Facebook post that police are investigating 2 potential druggings at the venue.

"We're fully cooperating with the Orono police department during this active investigation," it added.

Orono police issued warnings on Twitter on Friday that it had received multiple reports of women's drinks being spiked, and advised women out in the city to keep a watchful eye on their drinks.

The department said it had received reports of it happening at "local establishments" without naming any of them, and it hasn't further clarified whether Lord Fletcher's is the only place it reportedly happened, or if there's more.

KSTP reports a 37-year-old woman blacked out on July 7 after returning home from the venue, and was unable to remember several hours of her evening.

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A drug test confirmed she'd ingested benzodiazepines, which can induce sleep, with an anonymous caller filing a similar complaint about an incident at the bar a few weeks earlier.

Lord Fletcher's is a popular destination among diners and visitors to the shores of Lake Minnetonka, where it has been in operated for 50 years.

It has three venues within the complex, the Main Dining Room, The Wharf and Oar House.

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