Overnight freeze means icy roads, sidewalks till Saturday

All that rain? All the snowmelt? Yeah, it's gonna freeze.
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Icy road

It's the winter that keeps on giving.

After two days of rain, flooding, and potholes, we're in for another dose of ice.

A special weather statement issued by the National Weather Service says that the temperatures that dipped once again below freezing overnight will stay on Friday and Saturday.

Daytime highs are only expected to be at around the freezing mark, while lows will be in the teens and 20s, causing all that standing water to freeze over.

"Travelers are urged to use extra caution as icy roads and walkways may be encountered with little to no advance notice," the NWS says.

The weather statement has been issued for around 40 counties across central, southern and western Minnesota, which includes the 7-county metro area.

What's more, homeowners who have any standing water on their roof or any water exposed to freezing temperatures are advised to clear it, otherwise their property could get damaged as it freezes.

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The latest joy of winter comes as the snow and ice has increasingly been disappearing from Twin Cities streets, revealing an abundance of potholes beneath.

A Ramsey County maintenance engineer told the Pioneer Press that it's the worst year he's ever seen for pothole, with the newspaper noting that one pothole on Larpenteur Avenue is so big a truck can fit in it.

Meanwhile, there have been countless reports of basements flooding across Minnesota, prompting a surge in demand for sump pumps and wet vacs.

But there is hope on the horizon, with MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner noting that milder Pacific air will land in the metro next week, pushing temps into the 50s.

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