2 suspects charged with attempted murder in Penn Lake Beef robbery, shooting

They have been arrested in connection with a shooting in Bloomington on June 16.
Penn Lake Roast Beef in Bloomington

Penn Lake Roast Beef in Bloomington

Two young men have been charged in connection to a robbery and shooting at Penn Lake Roast Beef in Bloomington in June.

Marshawn Davison, 19, of Columbia Heights, and Devon Glover, 20, of St. Paul, have been charged with first-degree attempted murder in Hennepin County Court. They were arrested last week.

According to the criminal complaints, video surveillance shows restaurant owner Kevan Tran, 57, counting money when the two entered his shop on June 16. As they approached the cash register, Glover drew his gun and pointed it at Tran. 

Tran, who later told police he thought it was a fake gun, stepped toward them. Glover shot Tran in the abdomen and hand, causing him to fall and remain seated behind the cash register, the complaint said. He eventually was able to get up and make it to a nearby liquor store, yelling that he'd been shot. 

After shooting Tran, Glover grabbed an "unknown amount of cash" and left, according to the criminal complaint. Meanwhile, Davison is seen running toward the back of the restaurant, then running again toward the counter and trying to look over before fleeing.

Davison, after he was arrested on July 1, told police he didn't know Glover had a gun until it went off and said Tran didn't deserve to be shot, adding he offered Tran water and went back toward the counter because he briefly considered whether Tran needed to be covered up. 

Glover, in an interview with police on July 2, admitted to entering the restaurant, claiming he didn't know why he went inside. He said it looked like Tran was reaching toward his waistband, prompting him to draw his gun, which just went off, he told police, according to the criminal complaint. 

Tran is still hospitalized from the gunshot injuries, Bloomington police said Thursday. The bullet shattered a kidney, injured his liver, and fractured one rib and his hand, the criminal complaint says. 

"Kevan has never been away from his restaurant for a long period. He lives and breathes Penn Lake Roast Beef, rocking his signature black hat with his grease stained T-shirt," his niece, Jackie Quach, wrote in a GoFundMe, which has raised more than $50,000

After working for 25 years at Wally's Roast Beef in Bloomington, she added, he "ventured out to pursue his dream, Penn Lake Roast Beef. It quickly became a local spot to go for lunch and dinner." 

He has since been discharged from the hospital following surgery on his injuries.

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