Pair charged with murder of Minneapolis man who went missing in mid-November

The 29-year-old's body was dumped in a remote Woodbury location.
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William Albrecht

Two men have been charged with the murder of a 29-year-old father-of-two, who was reported missing in mid-November.

Preston Sharlow, 32, and Skylar LaBarge, 26, both of Bloomington, are facing 2nd-degree murder charges in the death of William Albrecht.

Warning: This story contains upsetting details.

Albrecht was reported missing on Nov. 16, with police finding his body this past Thursday at an outdoor location in Woodbury.

Albrecht's mother said she hadn't seen her son or been able to reach him, with police later finding he was last seen on Nov. 14 at a bar in Bloomington, and was later dropped off at the home of Isabelle Braveheart.

Braveheart and other witnesses told police that on Nov. 15, Albrecht had been lured to the property at 1563 East 87th Street believing to be communicating with Braveheart, but it was actually Sharlow using her phone.

When he arrived, Albrecht was confronted by Sharlow and LaBarge, who assaulted him.

Police later served a search warrant on the property, finding traces of blood inside the home and in the garage, with the property smelling "strongly of recent application of cleaning agents.

Albrecht's phone was also found inside the house.

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Police caught up with Sharlow and LaBarge this past Thursday, with Sharlow admitting the pair of them had assaulted Albrecht by repeatedly stomping and kicking him.

Sharlow said that LaBarge then attempted to cut Albrecht's neck using a piece of glass, before he "forcibly stepped on victim’s neck," which stopped his breathing.

They dumped his body at a remote location in Woodbury, with Sharlow showing police where it was.

Albrecht's body showed signs of multiple blunt force injuries, mostly to the head and face.

When initially interviewed by police, LaBarge denied any involvement, but eventually admitted to taking part in the attack.

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