Paris-bound flight makes emergency in landing in Minneapolis because of unruly passenger

The flight was delayed by about 90 minutes.
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Norwegian Airlines

An unruly passenger aboard an international flight headed to Paris became disorderly to the point of the airline making an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport early Wednesday morning. 

The Norwegian Airlines flight departed from Oakland, California, on Tuesday night and made the emergency stop in Minneapolis at around 1:30 a.m. The passenger was removed from the flight by police and taken to a local hospital. 

After a slight delay the flight was back in the air and headed for Paris.

Norwegian Airlines released the following statement regarding the incident.  

“Norwegian Air’s DY7080 from Oakland to Paris was forced to divert to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport last night due to an unruly passenger. The passenger was removed and the flight continued to Paris after about 90 minutes on the ground, where it is expected to land approximately three hours delayed.”

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