Paw print found in park where woman reported seeing a cougar

But it probably wasn't a paw print of a cougar, police say.
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A report of a cougar sighting in Edina probably wasn't a cougar, an Edina spokesperson tells BMTN. 

The report came from WCCO, whom was informed by an Edina woman walking her dog that she'd seen a cougar in Edina's Arden Park. The woman said the wild cat was bigger than a golden retriever, saying it pounced at them and then stalked them before they ran away. 

The Edina police spokesperson told us that Animal Control Officer Tim Hunter went to the park to investigate and found a paw print that they believe is most likely that of a bobcat, but probably not a cougar. 

According to the DNR, there have been 14 cougar sightings in Minnesota over the past four years. Bobcats are more prevalent in Minnesota, but most live in the northern part of the state, the DNR says

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