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People protest confederate flag outside Cold Spring home

The home is located across the street from the local high school.
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People, many of them students and young people, held a chalk party and peaceful protest Tuesday outside of a home in Cold Spring that displays a confederate flag. 

Jayda Woods – a 2018 ROCORI High School graduate – organized the event outside of the home, which is across the street from the high school, WJON reports.

In a petition, which has more than 1,300 signatures, Woods calls on the Cold Spring City Council to ban the confederate flag, calling it a symbol of hate directed at Black people and other minorities. 

"By publicly displaying the confederate flag across from the school, we are tolerating fear and hate. We must, by example, teach our youth to be good citizens and to love their neighbors; we can start by removing the confederate flag," the petition states, noting that it is important to her that all people at ROCORI schools feel welcome. 

During the protest on Tuesday, a group of people – many of them wearing face masks and holding signs – stood on the sidewalk and street outside of the 5th Avenue home as a few people sat outside the home with confederate flags and U.S. flags, according to video Woods posted to Instagram.

On the sidewalk, protesters wrote brightly colored messages with chalk in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

During the video, a woman walks up to Woods and thanks her for her courage in organizing the protest. At other moments during the more than 9-minute video, cars drive by honking with their support. 

According to WJON, this is the second protest in as many weeks. Woods organized them after coming home from college in Georgia to see the confederate flag had been rehung since the current events with Black Lives Matter, the petition notes.

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"All white nationalism must be condemned. The injustices of the American racial order must be corrected, and all Americans’ fears for the future need to be addressed," the petition said. 

The area is no stranger to protests about flags. In 2017, ROCORI High School banned vehicles from flying flags while parked at the school, so students protested it by showing up with U.S. flags attached to their vehicles.

At the time, the school couldn't just ban the confederate flag on vehicles, so they banned them all, school officials said. 

BMTN has reached out to Woods for comment.

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