Pete Buttigieg pays Twin Cities a visit, with Beto O'Rourke on his way

The presidential candidates have made a beeline for Minnesota.
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A Democratic presidential candidate not named Amy Klobuchar have paid a visit to Minnesota, and another is reportedly on his way here next week.

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is the current flavor of the month in the Democratic race, was in the Twin Cities on Thursday.

He first attended a private fundraiser in St. Paul before heading to a rally at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis.

Speaking before an enthusiastic crowd at the Fine Line, Buttigieg made a few references to the cold, local beer and "Minnesota Nice," before making a play for the Midwest, citing his own Indiana credentials as he argued that central U.S.A. doesn't have to be "Red."

"It's one of the many improbable things about my candidacy ... that we might begin a new progressive era with a Midwestern millennial mayor," he said.

"I'm one of those who believes we would be best served if we could get Washington to look a bit more like our best-run cities and towns instead of the other way around.

"You will never, for example, see a city government shut down because of an ideological disagreement."

Buttigieg was introduced to the stages by former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and current Minneapolis City Council member Phillipe Cunningham.

Buttigieg is being followed to Minnesota by another young Democrat, Texan Beto O'Rourke, who will reportedly be in Lakeville and Minneapolis this coming Wednesday, per the Star Tribune's Patrick Congdon.

Minnesota is Klobuchar's stamping ground, with the state's senior U.S. senator surely a favorite in the Minnesota Democratic primaries next March.

However, Minnesota's primaries take place a full month after Iowa kicks things off, meaning the state could be up-for-grabs if the early results don't go Klobuchar's way and she drops out of the race.

You can watch Buttigieg's full rally below.

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