Photo of Minneapolis couple used in flyer warning of 'race-mixing'

The couple had their photos taken in Princeton, Minnesota.
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A Crystal man and his girlfriend say a picture of them ended up on a poster warning of "race-mixing" north of the Twin Cities.

Andre Bronson published a now viral post on Facebook showing a copy of the flyer, which he says was brought to his attention on Sunday by a friend of his partner Alanna Holida, who claims to have found it in downtown Princeton, Minnesota.

Bronson and Holida had been out in Princeton on Saturday, and said they'd been approached by a man in a red truck who pulled up and told them they were a cute couple, before asking to take their picture.

"After we said no multiple times he says 'It's his constitutional right' takes the picture anyway and drives off," Bronson wrote.

The found poster depicted the pair of them, and was titled: "Race-Mixing: Is this seriously what we want for our future?"

"This picture, captured in our healthy northern town of Princeton, is the future that we can look forward to if good men and women do not take a stand against it. A future that is dark and where our descendants no longer look like us," the flyer reads.

"Some of us still care," it concludes in all-caps. "Love your own people."

An email address at the bottom was listed as

Bronson's post has been shared on Facebook more than 10,000 times and attracted more than 10,000 comments.

Holida wrote on her own Facebook page: "Hate like this cant be accepted and I'm so glad there are so many people fighting back and proving that not everyone is like this guy."

KARE 11 spoke to Princeton police chief Todd Frederick, who said his officers had not been able to find any examples of the posters around town.

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He added that "nothing we have says that this didn't happen," but noted that there's not enough information at this stage to figure out what's going on.

CityPages meanwhile reached out to the email address listed on the poster, and received a response stating that they were a secretary for a "global organization" and a "counterpart" had taken the photo.

The poster was made because "we care about your heritage/culture" and didn't want it "wiped out due to mixing," noting that society makes "white Europeans feel negative about our history and who we are."

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