Pizza came without wings, so customer turns up at Domino's with gun

She has been charged with making threats of violence.
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Holly Jo Webb

A woman angry that her pizza delivery didn't include the wings she ordered turned up at a Domino's in St. Paul a short time later brandishing a gun.

Holly Jo Webb, 59, of Dayton Avenue, was allegedly upset with the food she had delivered to her home on Thursday, and decided to make her feelings known in person at the Domino's Pizza at 1110 Grand Ave.

She is accused of pointing a handgun at an employee and telling him to get her "her mother f------ refund."

One of the employees called 911 and Webb fled in a dark Chrysler.

Police were able to find her quickly because she gave her address for the delivery, and she was taken into custody outside her home a short time later.

She told police she'd gone to the Domino's because she "was upset about not getting her chicken wings with her order."

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She also admitted she has a black 9mm handgun, saying she had a permit to carry, and denied pointing it at anyone, though two witnesses in the Domino's corroborated the employee's version of events.

The gun was found in the glove box of the Chrysler.

Webb has been charged with felony threats of violence.

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