Playground at Minneapolis school goes up in flames

Boys playing with matches may have caused it.
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A children's playground in southwest Minneapolis went up in flames on Sunday, with a group of boys possibly to blame.

The blaze erupted at the playground on the grounds of Lake Harriet Lower Elementary School, on Drew Avenue in Linden Hills, with a picture shared on a neighborhood Facebook page showing a black plume of smoke billowing from the scene.

"Hoping we can get a playground for the kids soon!" the poster wrote. "Play is such a big part of learning - this breaks my heart."

The east end of the playground was taped off on Sunday afternoon after the fire was contained, and nobody was injured in the blaze.

It's likely to have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, just a week before students return to school.

On Monday, WCCO reported that a group of young boys playing with matches may have been responsible for the fire, having spoken to witnesses at the scene.

However, there has been no confirmation from fire investigators at this stage as to what caused it.

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