Police arrest man inside Duluth East High School who threatened shooting

Police entered the school with weapons drawn on Friday.
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There was a scare in Duluth on Friday when a man entered Duluth East High School and threatened to carry out a shooting.

The threat prompted a soft lockdown in every school in the city and a full lockdown at Duluth East after police learned the potential shooter was inside.

The lockdowns were issued just before 1 p.m. and fortunately, the incident ended without violence when the 35-year-old suspect was arrested inside East High School around an hour after police were alerted to the threat. 

According to KBJR, the suspect was authorized to be inside the school, but was not a staff or faculty member, and he was arrested in an area clear of students. 

The Duluth News Tribune reports that the school district sent an email to parents saying police entered East High School with "weapons drawn" and arrested the suspect. 

"Today we had a call which was cause for great concern. A man was threatening to do a shooting at a school of unspecified location," said Duluth Chief of Police Mike Tusken

"DPD worked in earnest to locate the suspect and arrested him at East High School after 59 minutes from the initial report to 911. All staff was mobilized to go to every public, private and parochial school in the city and we learned the suspect was likely in the east side of the city and resources were shifted."

Formal charges against the suspect are pending. 

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