Police bust large underage drinking party near St. Cloud

Sheriff's deputies say 40-50 people were at the party.
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Stearns County Sheriff cruiser

Deputies from the Stearns County Sheriff's Office spent plenty of time doing paperwork over the weekend after busting a party in which dozens of citations were issued for underage drinking. 

A release from the sheriff says dispatch received a complaint after midnight on Sep. 30 about a party at 5491 Garden Hills Drive in St. Augusta. The caller said there were at least 30 people partying and alcohol and marijuana were being consumed. 

Deputies responding to the home were given permission from the adult homeowner to go inside. They estimated that 40-50 people were at the party and many were drinking alcohol, with the majority of them under the age of 18. 

Deputies contacted parents of the teenagers involved and had them picked and taken home.  

In all, 35 citations for underage consumption were issued. Per state law, the sheriff's office informed the school of each student about the drinking violations.

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